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[Geoff] brings a significant depth of experience as a consultant on the detailed processes and interdependencies to ensure a successful product launch.

Kevin HarrisIncyte & Pfizer Launches

When I first get involved with a particular launch and see that Geoff is involved I know that no matter how complex the product or channel is, that processes will run smoothly and success is not far behind.

Neil PotterPfizer Launches

Geoff’s ability to point out hidden issues and hurdles, allowed me to focus on key drivers and anticipate obstacles during the whole process.

Hayo HimmelrichFerring Launches

One of the big benefits of using Geoff was his ability to ask the hard, necessary questions while being able to shine a spotlight on blind spots without finger-pointing.

Aresh TahbazNovartis, Teva & Eisai Launches

Geoff has proven that his value-add is in ensuring that timelines were met, people were held accountable by the larger group, and bottlenecks identified and commensurate resources secured to relieve these bottlenecks.

David van BlerkPfizer Launches

…. working with Geoff, we were able to launch a new drug to market in only 17 weeks after management gave the “go” decision … in large part due to the skill and guidance that Geoff brought to the team.

George RobertsPfizer Launches

Geoff Chellis brought a balanced blend of technical and people skills that enabled the matrixed teams to efficiently and effectively focus their energy on … the most critical “go to market” issues.

Jacob PlotskerTeva, Organon & Pfizer Launches

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